February 6, 2019

#17 - Marianne Ubaleht

Today I talk with Marianne Ubaleht, journalist and one half of the "Tissdent" podcast. We are talking about how to position yourself with the media, how can a young artist use the media and what message should they be sending to newspapers / radio / tv to try and get the word out there about their stuff.

Back when we started Comedy Estonia, "the media" was this shining goal: if we can only get that article or that TV spot or that exposure, then we thought that would sell tickets. And we wondered for years why we were not that interesting and why we were not being picked up. Eventually we kind of gave up trying to push our stuff down mainstream media and made our own thing and only now are we starting to gently flirt with them again.

The first half of the episode we talk more about Tissident and Marianne's experience in running a podcast which is very new with early success and the second half is more about media advice for artists.

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