June 29, 2019

#26 - Dieter Quinn

A different sort of chat! We grab some beers and I talk with Dieter, my school mate who I was staying with in Atlanta. Dieter and I attended high school and university together and we went on the "Eurotrip 2006" which led me to Estonia and Dieter to meet his future wife. We used to steal A LOT of street signs. The chat was fun for me, Dieter tells the story of our Eurotrip and how we came to Estonia for the first time. We go through him meeting his wife and moving to America and setting up his business. We of course tell loads of stories about growing up and adventures in share house living at University.

This was a special episode, thanks for listening to two old mates sit and talk about the old days over a few beers (and the vape pen ha). Probably one for the existing fans, if you wanna know a little more about me growing up before the Comedy Estonia days, this is it.

Dieter ain't at all bad with photography and you can follow his insta at https://www.instagram.com/atlchefdad/ @atlchefdad


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