July 5, 2019

#28 - Bob from RetroRGB (my fav content creator)

I have been looking forward to this episode for ages! Y'all know I love retro video games and my favorite content creator is Bob Neal from a site called RetroRGB, which is all about helping people get the best quality video and audio from their old retro consoles. On this episode though, I didn't want to nerd out talking about old games, I wanted to dig into how does he handle this whole online movement he has help start.

Bob lives in New York City and he does more than just make YouTube videos about games. Bob is really great at bringing the community together, he produces weekly news updates and has a knack for being able to connect like minded people.

Not just that, after recently hitting 20K subs on YouTube RetroRGB is far from being a one man show. That means Bob is both an artist and a project manager of this stuff, which is similar to my place in Comedy Estonia. We start with a background of his work and how did he get started to build the website and move from having a regular job to making this his full time work.

I wanted to talk to Bob about how does a content creator bring together an online community, how do you use services like Patreon to get support (should Comedy Estonia use it??), what responsibilities come with that support and what to do with difficult members of the community.

If you are a retro games nerd, Bob's site RetroRGB will help you play your old games on modern TVs. I think Bob is great, he has a very humble and approachable style and I've wanted to talk with him for a long time, so I very much appreciate him kindly donating his time to talk.



Follow Bob on Twitter https://twitter.com/RetroRGB

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