August 14, 2019

#29 - Edinburgh Fringe w/ Roger Andre

Roger and I talk about our week at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival earlier this month. The Fringe is the biggest comedy festival in the world and after years of trying we got a spot and called our show "Straight Outta Estonia" (cause we couldn't think of anything better). Ari and Karl are there the whole month and the rest of the crew are coming and going. It was a wild week, we worked out pretty quickly our Estonian sense of humor is pretty dark and we had to make some quick adjustments...

Also, Roger and Daniel have a new podcast called Päikesejänkud, go check it out on the web, iTunes or Spotify



I am having a month off social media cause all that scrolling is baaaaaaad for my brain but I am still alive and kicking. You might see me rolling around town on one of those new scooters for hire, damn those things are fun.



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