October 9, 2019

#35 - Sander Mölder

Today I have producer, composer, musician, event organiser, the super talented Sander Mölder on the show. Sander and his partner Peeter are responsible for the record label TIKS which has been holding great parties in Estonia for as long as we can remember. Sanders last album "TIKS 071" was a really cool combination of traditional Saaremaa folk music with modern electronic beats.

We talk about his recent collab with Daneil Levi, his focus on more pop music and how you keep authentic to yourself when working on mainstream stuff. We get into how he views Spotify and being ruled by our algorithmic overlords, Sander breaks down how he thinks the automatically generated playlists are gently guiding us toward listening to the same same kind of music. TIKS is a record label also, putting out independent Estonian music and Sander breaks down how such a label actually works.


Listen to "TIKS 071" on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1sIILZRSrkBhat4hKUqXJH

Check out his Soundcloud with has his latest tracks with Daniel Levi https://soundcloud.com/sander

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