March 14, 2020

#43 - Comedy Estonia Corona Update with Louis & Roger

I got Roger Andrew today and we spend the first 30 minutes talking about how the corona situation has effected Comedy Estonia shows. It's been bananas for the last few days, we are in the middle of Sander's tour and loads of dates need to be rescheduled but we don't know when this will end. We gotta find new dates, let people know about them and then work with Piletilevi (and they have like 1000+ event cancellations too). It has been ape shit but not bad, the crew is tip top and everyone is handling it like a champ.

Roger and I talk about the shows and how his comedy is going. He told me about the best underground comedy club in Tallinn "HA HA Comedy Club" which is a stage they built in Ari's living room so Daniel Veinbergs could perform a 20 minute set to Roger and Ari. It started as a joke but given corona maybe this is the future of our shows. We love Dan and near the episode we give him a call and he does not disappoint.

Dan & Roger have a podcast "Päikesejänkud":



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