April 1, 2020

#50 - Kaido “Kid” Strange

50 episodes! I am really happy this was the 50th episode as I think it's a really good one. You may not know who Kid Strange is but his story is a tremendous one.

Born in Tartu and his family moved to Canada not long after independence. He lived in London for some years and finally has settled back in Estonia for the time being. The first really interesting thing about Kid is that he is currently transitioning from a woman to a man and we talk about what is the legal and biological process. I get to ask some really basic and dumb questions and Kid is super nice in talking me through it. This is all happening in Estonia too and as you can imagine, there are not so many people who have gone through this process here.

Kid's life has been anything but boring. He is also a widower to Pete Shelley, guitarist from super influential 70s and 80s punk band Buzzcocks. They were married when he was 23 and Pete was 55 and Kid tells the story of how they met and fell in love, along with a bunch of rock and roll road tales. It was a nice coincidence that we recorded this on April 1st, their wedding anniversary.

I really liked this episode, I think Kid has led a really interesting and unique life. We get a chance to hear his story in his own words with no rush.

It was his decision to come dressed as a Alligator onesie and the masks are our corona defense. The onesie is very much his fun style and don't worry, I get to ask the big questions like "when the doctors give you a dick, do you get to choose how big it is?". We laugh a lot and Kid has a great sense of humor in telling his story.


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You can also see him at Comedy Estonia Open Mics whenever we are allowed to do those again


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