May 7, 2020

#63 - Sten Kohlmann

My guest is Sten Kohlmann, podcaster, writer and gamer. He is apart of gaming news portal, the crew who are also behind Mängudeöö. Sten is also a media editor for Õhtuleht, producing podcasts, articles and online content.

We talk about the movement of e-sports and gaming in the Estonian media and how it's come a long way but still faces a challenge to be taken seriously. I was interested to know how e-sports players rise up the ranks and start to attract some income. It's just like physical sports in many ways, you might train for years and still not make it pro. It's also not like a physical sport because the top Estonian e-sports competitors have often not looked to leagues and competitions at home (I imagine because there are not many) and they could just go right ahead to playing internationally.

If you want to be noticed should you just stream and try and work the donations? It's like any sport or creative field, its a hard road if you wanna make something of it.


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