May 13, 2020

#66 - Video Games Nerd Show with Jan Pillav

Warning: hardcore talk about video games! For two kids who grew up on other sides of the world, Jan and I have had some really similar experiences in playing games at our local arcade as a kid. Jan is a buddy of mine and today we talk about our history playing video games.

We start at the local arcades, comparing the one which used to be on the side of Tõnis Mägi in Tallinn to the Street Fighter 2 machine which was in the milk bar in my local town of Shoal Bay. Then we go through the Dendy console that y'all had in Soviet days with the yellow carts and how it was a direct knock off from the original Nintendo Famicom in Japan. We work our way through the computers and consoles we owned (we both had an Amiga!) and it's quite a trip.

In the second half we break down a genre of games we both love: Fighting games. we talk about how weird and difficult they are when you go deep into the mechanics of the game. Finally we talk about "fight sticks" which are those arcade sticks for your home console. Cause we grew up playing games in the arcade, we both love playing fighting games on an arcade stick now.

I wasn't lying when I said this was a nerd-out! We try and explain as much of the background as we can but sometimes it's fun to let loose. This is probably the first time on a podcast I really felt like I knew what I was talking about.

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