May 21, 2020

#68 - Jack Evans

Ok strap in, this episode will give you the full primer on how the e-sports and pro gaming industry works!

Jack is Influencer and Partnerships Manager for "Method", one of the biggest and most successful e-sports teams in the world. They mostly play World of Warcraft (known as "wow") and Jack himself is a top rated player who has been grinding away for the past 15 years.

There is no introduction, we start the episode and don't stop for 3 hours. In the first hour we talk about how much responsibility should big time influencers take for their audience. If you have say 50K viewers on your game stream, I am not convinced the human brain can really comprehend that there is 10 stadiums full of people watching.

We are pretty good at staying on topic and after about an hour we get further into how Jack's team Method works and how e-sports competitions and leagues function. Cause it's my show, we look at how these big ass teams look after their players with proper management and all the resources any pro sports team would have. If you have 50K people watching, you need some mental and physical trainers.

In the last hour we really dig into how Method works as a team and an organisation. These guys are really good and are one of the top 2 wow teams in the world. It's a huge production which goes on to compete at the top level, get sponsors on board and broadcast themselves.

I feel like I got the full background on how the e-sports industry works. It's a really interesting field and even if you have never heard of it, there are really big things going on.

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