May 28, 2020

#70 - Phil Schwarzmann

Today its really good to talk to my old friend Phil Schwarzmann. Phil is an America was there for the early days of Comedy Estonia as a fellow comic and a big help. He was living in Helsinki when I moved there (right as we started the first shows in Estonia) and Phil and I ran a English club in Helsinki together.

Phil was a comedian as well and we both tried to make it in Finland as comedians together. It was fun trying to pull in Finnish audiences cause that was one of the first regular English comedy night there. I can definitly say that loads of the ideas that Comedy Estonia has about putting on fun shows, started with these gigs Phil and I put on. He's got a great American positive attitude and a really keen brain for comedy, he was one of the first people to break down comedy and break down how the business worked for me.

These days Phil lives in San Francisco so we do this one over zoom. I haven't talked to Phil for years and it was really good to talk about those days 10 years later.

Phil is the author to the book "How to Marry a Finnish Girl" which is a satire book he wrote before he left Finland and at once stage was a number #1 best seller in Finland. You can find the book on Amazon (link) or in the 99c cent bin at your local book store.

This is the video of Phil and I flyer on the streets of Helsinki in November 2009

This is the Stand Up promo clip reel made for Phil around the same time



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