While I was in Tartu I took the chance to talk with Kaarel Jõudvald who is one of the managers of Möku Bar in Tartu. I ask him how Möku is holding up and how their new "Virtual Bar" delivery service is going.

Spoiler Alert: Möku is doing just fine and as soon as this is over you will be able to celebrate with 12 sparta shots. Although if you can't wait, Möku is currently delivering sparta. You da real MVP Kaarel.

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April 6, 2020

#52 - Sander Õigus

This episode was recorded at Chateau de Õigus on the outskirts of Viljandi in Sander's sauna room.

This man has been keeping busy with his cooking show "Sanderisöögisaade" where he has been releasing a new video every day.

Sander and I start with how the lock down will effect people after we are released from captivity and how it's been on him to have his solo tour be postponed. After a while we settle into the classic topics: two comedians talking about comedy. If that's your thing, you will like this episode

Sorry the sound is a little off, my portable mics are cheap

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Watch the full episode on YouTube


Sille-Kadri Simer and I do another Friday afternoon live stream on the Comedy Estonia YouTube channel.


50 episodes! I am really happy this was the 50th episode as I think it's a really good one. You may not know who Kid Strange is but his story is a tremendous one.

Born in Tartu and his family moved to Canada not long after independence. He lived in London for some years and finally has settled back in Estonia for the time being. The first really interesting thing about Kid is that he is currently transitioning from a woman to a man and we talk about what is the legal and biological process. I get to ask some really basic and dumb questions and Kid is super nice in talking me through it. This is all happening in Estonia too and as you can imagine, there are not so many people who have gone through this process here.

Kid's life has been anything but boring. He is also a widower to Pete Shelley, guitarist from super influential 70s and 80s punk band Buzzcocks. They were married when he was 23 and Pete was 55 and Kid tells the story of how they met and fell in love, along with a bunch of rock and roll road tales. It was a nice coincidence that we recorded this on April 1st, their wedding anniversary.

I really liked this episode, I think Kid has led a really interesting and unique life. We get a chance to hear his story in his own words with no rush.

It was his decision to come dressed as a Alligator onesie and the masks are our corona defense. The onesie is very much his fun style and don't worry, I get to ask the big questions like "when the doctors give you a dick, do you get to choose how big it is?". We laugh a lot and Kid has a great sense of humor in telling his story.


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You can also see him at Comedy Estonia Open Mics whenever we are allowed to do those again


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My guest is Postimees journalist, podcaster, ghost hunter and former blogger, Dagmar Lamp. It's almost a year since she was last on the show and we are sitting in the studio recording with our quarantine masks on. Go check the video.

We talk about how the media is changing (everyone at Postimees just got handed a 30% pay cut today) and where podcasts and live streaming fit into this. She tells us some cool stories from her true crime podcast "Eesti roimad" with Andres Anvelt. The podcast tells stories about crimes in the 90's in Estonia and what a wild west it really was. She is also developing an Estonian ghost hunter series which will be out as soon as the ghosts come out of quarantine.

It's always a fun talk with Daki.

Dagmar has done so much, there is loads of stuff to follow




Watch the entire episode (along with our masks)


Sille-Kadri Simer and I did a live stream from the Comedy Estonia studio. This was our first time going live and we had a few technical problems before everything started running smoothly.

It was a bit chaotic but we had fun and for our first try at live streaming it went well. Beside figuring out the tech we spend the episode drinking beer and swapping dating stories.

At first my phone locked the live stream in portrait mode and we had to restart. Even though we had done 90 mins of test stream my phone then chose his moment to over heat and so we restarted the stream one more time. Finally after making our patient listeners change streams 3 times we got it going and went on for the next 90 minutes.

Watch the reply of the live stream on YouTube

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL8fx3ybbGU

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_dX3IqlUgc


Find Sille-Kadri on Insta https://www.instagram.com/sillekadri/

Listen to Sille on Tissident https://soundcloud.com/tissident

It's Tim Reidy and I having beers and talking about what's been happening for the past week.

We are getting surprisingly better at staying on topic. The second half of the show is about "what is an artist" and "is Tim an artist?" and we break it down pretty well. I find often the second half of the episode is where it really gets rolling, its worth sticking through the two hours if you can.


Watch the video of this episode at https://youtu.be/Lb2mNMrwBCg

March 24, 2020

#46 - Aleksandr Popov

Popov is known as being a legendary bouncer around Estonia and it sure is handy when he is performing at a comedy show and there is a drunken guy to deal with. He is also a true renaissance man: a trained lawyer, university lecturer, school teacher, comedian and entrepreneur.

If you know Popov (and it sometimes feels everyone in Estonia does) then you know he's a top bloke. We have a good chat about the golden age of nightclubs in Tallinn (5 to 15 years ago) and how things have changed. No one knows Estonian nightlife better than this guy.


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His blog: https://thenighthoundchronicles.wordpress.com/


Watch the video of the full episode on YouTube


March 19, 2020

#45 - Sille-Kadri Simer

One half of the Tissident Podcast, Sille-Kadri Simmer is on the show. Tissident is having a little break because of the current situation but you can't hold back Sille. We knock through a bottle of red talking about how she is dealing with the crisis, how Tissident has grown and how hard it is to find a good man right now.

Watch the full episode on the Comedy Guy YouTube Channel



Tissident Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/tissident

Sille-Kadri on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sillekadri/


I promise we barely even talk about corona! I've got Chinese guy who has been living in Tallinn for 5+ years, Pynchon Woo on the show.


Maybe you know Pynchon from his YouTube videos where he tried Estonian food without realizing you are supposed to cook the blood sausage first. He comes from a small city in China (7 million people), has lived in Japan for 3 years and now has lived and studied in Tallinn after that. We talk a lot about what life is like being a foreigner living in a far away land and what that means about us. Just how do you keep answering "why do you live in Estonia?"?


Pynchon is really into traditional log cabin building and is in the middle of constructing his own cabin on his own block of land outside Keila.


He currently has a book out "First Year in Estonia" which you can find on Amazon and will be soon translated into Estonian.



Follow Pynchon on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTn4LvU_W67Ax8uh4KZ8DaA


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