Just a quick episode for a very hot Friday afternoon in the city! It's too hot to be inside and live streaming so we will have July off. Thanks for the support over the last 13 weeks. This started as a quick idea for something to do during lockdown and it's been a fun way for us to finish off the week. Go out and enjoy the sunshine and see you in August!

Marianne and Sille are doing a Tissident Live show on July 14th at Club LAEV in Tallinn:


It's good to be back! We hear about what Vilnius was like as, why does milk come in bags, and Louis' renewing his visa. It was a fun short episode, it's hot people, time to be outside!

June 9, 2020

#73 - Matilde Matvere

I finally have a proper real life guest recorded without a live stream! My guest is Matilde Matvere who is an independent film maker in Estonia. Matilde has been the director of the Comedy Estonia Stand Up specials for the last few years. If you are buying a file from our webshop, Matilde probably filmed and edited it.

We talk for an hour about how Matilde films Stand Up and the lessons she has learnt over the years. After that we get into the state of the Estonian film industry and she helps explain how big International productions like Tenet help the local film industry. Oh and she worked on Tenet, so stories about this too.

Find Matilde on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mutique/

There are less podcasts out lately because we are off doing Stand Up shows! Check out Comedy Estonia Facebook for the dates. No stream with Sille-Kadri this Friday, I got me a private event to host on Zoom. See kids, learning to live stream does make money. Next Friday we back but maybe moving to a later time now everyone is back at work.

Watch the full video of this episode on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/1EYPb2qc1DA

We have a special show this week! Sille-Kadri is in Vilnius chasing after Lithuanian dudes so joining me on the live stream is the other half of Tissident podcast, Marianne Ubaleht!

We talk about making money from podcasts in Estonia, where are we going to host the next Tissident Live and why Marianne doesn't want to date foreign guys.

Episode number 10! The lockdown is coming to an end but we are still going strong. This week we knock over Cava and have fun with the live chat. Putting out on the first date, Tissident & Comedy Estonia merch, starting open mics next week, what language do you start the conversation on Bumble in, 5G and flat earthers in Estonia and how I could have easily started Comedy Lithuania instead.

Thanks for sticking with us through 10 episodes. Sille-Kadri is in Vilnius next week chasing after Lithuanian dudes but I'll find someone else to join me!

May 28, 2020

#70 - Phil Schwarzmann

Today its really good to talk to my old friend Phil Schwarzmann. Phil is an America was there for the early days of Comedy Estonia as a fellow comic and a big help. He was living in Helsinki when I moved there (right as we started the first shows in Estonia) and Phil and I ran a English club in Helsinki together.

Phil was a comedian as well and we both tried to make it in Finland as comedians together. It was fun trying to pull in Finnish audiences cause that was one of the first regular English comedy night there. I can definitly say that loads of the ideas that Comedy Estonia has about putting on fun shows, started with these gigs Phil and I put on. He's got a great American positive attitude and a really keen brain for comedy, he was one of the first people to break down comedy and break down how the business worked for me.

These days Phil lives in San Francisco so we do this one over zoom. I haven't talked to Phil for years and it was really good to talk about those days 10 years later.

Phil is the author to the book "How to Marry a Finnish Girl" which is a satire book he wrote before he left Finland and at once stage was a number #1 best seller in Finland. You can find the book on Amazon (link) or in the 99c cent bin at your local book store.

This is the video of Phil and I flyer on the streets of Helsinki in November 2009 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVLzWSuaKVI

This is the Stand Up promo clip reel made for Phil around the same time https://youtu.be/YnNa_bV0JWw



Week number 9! As the lockdown is starting to come to a close we are still going strong. Today we try something new... doing the show sober. Weirdly, it was one of the most fun episodes so far. Erik Orgu hummus, Louis' shorts, why do Estonians have two names, Bolt helmets and what Estonians scream during sex. Episode #69 didn't disappoint. 

May 21, 2020

#68 - Jack Evans

Ok strap in, this episode will give you the full primer on how the e-sports and pro gaming industry works!

Jack is Influencer and Partnerships Manager for "Method", one of the biggest and most successful e-sports teams in the world. They mostly play World of Warcraft (known as "wow") and Jack himself is a top rated player who has been grinding away for the past 15 years.

There is no introduction, we start the episode and don't stop for 3 hours. In the first hour we talk about how much responsibility should big time influencers take for their audience. If you have say 50K viewers on your game stream, I am not convinced the human brain can really comprehend that there is 10 stadiums full of people watching.

We are pretty good at staying on topic and after about an hour we get further into how Jack's team Method works and how e-sports competitions and leagues function. Cause it's my show, we look at how these big ass teams look after their players with proper management and all the resources any pro sports team would have. If you have 50K people watching, you need some mental and physical trainers.

In the last hour we really dig into how Method works as a team and an organisation. These guys are really good and are one of the top 2 wow teams in the world. It's a huge production which goes on to compete at the top level, get sponsors on board and broadcast themselves.

I feel like I got the full background on how the e-sports industry works. It's a really interesting field and even if you have never heard of it, there are really big things going on.

Follow Jack (otherwise known by his handle "Trey")



Check out his team Method



Video of this podcast on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/6_LwMMpxNyw

It's another Friday afternoon of lockdown and Sille-Kadri Simer and I talk about the week which just happened. We get into women in the army, Sille's experiences on Bumble and visiting the Middle East. This week we drank Wairau Pacific Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Not bad and on special at Rimi!

Warning: hardcore talk about video games! For two kids who grew up on other sides of the world, Jan and I have had some really similar experiences in playing games at our local arcade as a kid. Jan is a buddy of mine and today we talk about our history playing video games.

We start at the local arcades, comparing the one which used to be on the side of Tõnis Mägi in Tallinn to the Street Fighter 2 machine which was in the milk bar in my local town of Shoal Bay. Then we go through the Dendy console that y'all had in Soviet days with the yellow carts and how it was a direct knock off from the original Nintendo Famicom in Japan. We work our way through the computers and consoles we owned (we both had an Amiga!) and it's quite a trip.

In the second half we break down a genre of games we both love: Fighting games. we talk about how weird and difficult they are when you go deep into the mechanics of the game. Finally we talk about "fight sticks" which are those arcade sticks for your home console. Cause we grew up playing games in the arcade, we both love playing fighting games on an arcade stick now.

I wasn't lying when I said this was a nerd-out! We try and explain as much of the background as we can but sometimes it's fun to let loose. This is probably the first time on a podcast I really felt like I knew what I was talking about.

Watch the full episode on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/mQuVVtAJNWA

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