September 21, 2020

#83 - The Tim & Louis Show

We went and shot guns at TLK before the episode and we are fired up.

Tim's time back in Ireland, all the best places to eat in Paide (spoiler: it's still pizza kiosk), getting pulled over by the cops and the trip we have planned to Cyprus in January. It's some classic Irish "craic" (whatever that is)

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September 14, 2020

#82 - Sille-Kadri Simer

It's Sille and me and a bottle of wine.


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September 7, 2020

#81 - Stig Rästa

It's a pleasure to have singer / songwriter Stig Rästa in the studio with me. We chat about his career, the Estonian management agency he runs and his experiences at Eurovision (along with some of mine).

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August 31, 2020

#80 - Elizabete Boka

Episode 80! Last week we visited Riga for the Comedy Latvia English Open Mic and I had a chance to finally record with my friend Elizabete Boka, who is a manager for young male models. She works for an agency called SAGE Management and they scout models throughout the Baltics and then send them on modelling shoots throughout the world.

Elizabete's department is young male models, namely teenagers into young adults. It's tough out there for a young guy who wants to model, you have one season, maybe two to get yourself out there otherwise you are done. What the industry wants in a young male model is kinda different to what they want in an older male model, so in this way I think this industry could be even tougher for boys because from the moment you sign up, you are on the clock.

Elizabete is an old friend of mine and I love talking to her about her work because she manages models and I manage comedians. I generally think the idea of boys being models is hilarious and interesting. There are so many things in common but so many things which are different. Male models have a few years at best, whereas comedians need to cook in the oven for years and only get better with time.

We talk about how they find models, how they prepare them and develop their careers and how they get sent around Europe and the world to do their jobs.

August 24, 2020

#79 - Ardo Asperk

I sit down and catch up with my brother Ardo Asperk. Two comedians talking about comedy, you know how these episodes go. Our latest Stand Up sets, when is Ardo doing his next hour and how come Estonia is weirdly the best place in the world to be a Stand Up comedian right now?

Check out Ardo and Karl on their podcast Külapood which is closing in on 200 episodes

I reckon Ardo is line for line the best comedy writer in Estonia. You can buy his first two specials online at our webshop

I know my podcast images are dogshit so I tried to snip us out and do something different. When I was done I thought to myself "you know what would look dope? flames"


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August 17, 2020

#78 - Sten Erik Allikas

Sten Erik Allikas is an old friend of mine who I haven't seen in years because hes been away from Estonia for the better part of 10 years off and on.

Sten is just a regular dude who I think has had a pretty amazing life and shows that if you just get out there and try stuff, you will find your path.

He grew up in Tallinn, had an interest in music and fell into working in a kitchen. He took those skills and was able to land a job in one of the best restaurants in London where he honed his skills and really learnt the food game. He then lived in a hippie commune in Spain for a while before taking off for Asia. He stayed for 5 years in Cambodia where he used that kitchen experience to turn around local establishments and was able to make a living for himself. He was also in a band and were playing 5 nights a week, all the time getting better at chefing and performing. They even ran some comedy nights at the local bar and I was giving Sten tips on how to run the evening while he was over there.

I like Sten's story because it shows that you may not know what you wanna do with your life but you gotta get out there and try something. Learning practical skills like cheffing led him to find a way of supporting himself no matter where he went. An education is important and you shouldn't stop learning but there are so many more ways to do that in life than just studying at a university.

I connected with details of his story I didn't know before because I saw elements of the same thing in my life: I love my crazy comedy life now but I really could only do it because I had this training in IT and mastered a skill in that first. I didn't just jump into being a comedian and promoter, I was able to gently bring down the amount of IT work I did as we got more and more Comedy Estonia gigs.

Thanks for listening to the podcast, I am trying to settle into a weekly schedule now. I am hugely appreciatively of everyone who listens, because the point of this podcast isn't to be a huge hit, it is to get better at making podcasts. At the end of this episode we talk a bit about "deliberate practice", the idea that if you want to get better at something, you can't just do it over and over, you need to push and analyze yourself and find harder challenges each time to get better. These episodes are just that, me trying to have better conversations each time and I deeply appreciate you being along for the ride.


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August 10, 2020

#77 - Sergeant Erki Ott

Erik Ott is a Comedy Estonia comedian and also an active member of the Estonian Army. We start by talking about how the Army dealt with the lockdown and talk about the troops being locked in on base and you can imagine that was a tough time. We get a lot into leadership and how the Army teaches leadership as Erki is currently studying at the military academy in Võrumaa. Leadership is probably my favourite topic (beside grilling and retro games) and go deep into the lessons Erki has learnt and then I contrast them to how I have applied them to comedy and business.

The conversation comes pretty easily and we of course get to telling stories about the first comedy shows Erki did (and the way Tim Reidy corrupted him at the strip club).

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After 6 weeks off I am back with more episodes of Comedy Guy. I am trying to get into a weekly schedule of releasing each Monday but here is an episode to kick us off.

I talk with Roger about the Comedy Estonia Suvetuur. Roger is studying PR and as part of his internship he was one of the project managers of the Suvetuur. I figure the most Comedy Estonia way for us to debrief the process and lessons learnt is by talking about it on a podcast.

This year the tour was about 33 shows across the whole country. We are very appreciative for the support as all the shows we were full and the crowds were great.

We get into

  • The history of Suvetuur and why it's different to our other shows
  • The process Roger used to arrange the shows (he wasn't doing it alone)
  • How it was to lead others in the group who are more senior to him
  • The craziness of being the organizer and also a performer
  • What he learnt from the whole thing

Follow Roger in Insta and also listen to Päikesejänkud

Watch the video of the episode

Just a quick episode for a very hot Friday afternoon in the city! It's too hot to be inside and live streaming so we will have July off. Thanks for the support over the last 13 weeks. This started as a quick idea for something to do during lockdown and it's been a fun way for us to finish off the week. Go out and enjoy the sunshine and see you in August!

Marianne and Sille are doing a Tissident Live show on July 14th at Club LAEV in Tallinn:

It's good to be back! We hear about what Vilnius was like as, why does milk come in bags, and Louis' renewing his visa. It was a fun short episode, it's hot people, time to be outside!

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