Special episode from Tokyo Japan! I talk to Japan based YouTuber Jim "KidShoryuken". Jim is an American who has lived in Japan basically for about 10 years and makes great videos about Japanese games and game hunting at second hand "Hard Off" stores. We talk about his story and how he made a life in Japan as well as his YouTube career and how that has grown over the past 10 years. We sink about 4 or 5 beers over the episode too and we recorded this on the first day I arrived so I had been up for over 36 hours.

This episode was recorded in a cool retro games themed bar which is run by a mate of Jim's called "A-Button". Sorry the sound isn't perfect and there is retro game music playing in the background at the bar all the time, but I think it creates a nice mood.

I really enjoyed my chat with Jim, he is a lovely dude and very open about his life and career in Japan.

In the introduction I reference "foreigners in Japan mostly get work translating". Sorry I was trippin' here, I meant to say foreigners in Japan mostly get work teaching English. In Estonia the level of English is so good that I have almost never heard of a foreigner being an English teacher outside of a high school. The Japanese level of English is much lower so there is quite a demand for private English lessons and it's very common work for expats to pick up.

Check out Jim's video's on YouTube



February 2, 2020

#40 - Renar Trummal

Episode 40! I talk to Comedy Estonia comic, Renar Trummal who has been a part of the newcommers tour "Värske Veri" and has been kicking ass. This episode is two comedians talking about comedy. and selling LHV. and comedy.

Tim is back and we get our old buddy, Saburi Ken into the studio. Saburi grew up in Singapore and has been living in Estonia for some years and is an old school Comedy Estonia open micer. He was doing shows with us back in *old* Möku, back when he was like the only Asian in the whole country. We talk about living in Estonia and what it's like for Saburi as a guy who really doesn't look Estonian. Unlike Tim.

Thanks for listening to the new episodes, its fun to record these.

@louiszezeran on twitter

January 14, 2020

#38 - Tim Reidy

Tim Reidy is the Irish ambassador to Paide. It's been a while since I've seen him and he has been away from Estonia for a while. We knock through 6 or 7 beers over 3 hours. A good hour of this was on the best food in Tallinn and who delivers it. Klooga concentration camps, Scottish IRA, how much we miss the Greek guy from “Pitas” on Aia in Vanalinn, signing up for ERKE and Tim learning Estonian.

January 11, 2020

#37 - Daniel Veinbergs

It's me and Dan talking about... Iran? Addiction? The Media? Overcoming your own bullshit? I'm not sure but its Dan so its funny.

We got some new studio gear and it's sweet, I hope the sound quality is better for y'all now.

Check out Dan and Roger's podcast at https://paikesejankud.podbean.com/

January 9, 2020

#36 - Caleb Brunick

Hey I'm back baby! With Blackjack and strippers! After a long break I am kicking off with Comedy Estonia guy, Caleb Brunick. He is an American who has lived in Estonia for 3 years more or less and we talk about being a foreigner and stuff. Getting a drivers license, using substances to deal with the winter and what it's like hanging out with other ex-pats


Thanks for the support, I got some more episodes coming soon

October 9, 2019

#35 - Sander Mölder

Today I have producer, composer, musician, event organiser, the super talented Sander Mölder on the show. Sander and his partner Peeter are responsible for the record label TIKS which has been holding great parties in Estonia for as long as we can remember. Sanders last album "TIKS 071" was a really cool combination of traditional Saaremaa folk music with modern electronic beats.

We talk about his recent collab with Daneil Levi, his focus on more pop music and how you keep authentic to yourself when working on mainstream stuff. We get into how he views Spotify and being ruled by our algorithmic overlords, Sander breaks down how he thinks the automatically generated playlists are gently guiding us toward listening to the same same kind of music. TIKS is a record label also, putting out independent Estonian music and Sander breaks down how such a label actually works.


Listen to "TIKS 071" on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1sIILZRSrkBhat4hKUqXJH

Check out his Soundcloud with has his latest tracks with Daniel Levi https://soundcloud.com/sander

Follow me on Insta at https://www.instagram.com/louiszezeran/

Thanks for following the podcast, I am sorry my podcast episode image is even more dogshit than usual. My mac upgraded yesterday and now tells me I can't open Photoshop anymore so I made this one in Powerpoint and it shows.

September 26, 2019

#34 - NOËP

A really cool chat with Andres Kõpper, otherwise known as NOËP.

As usual, I am most interested in the choices he has made in his career, like doing the one big gig at the end of summer in Telliskivi, how did he pull that together? We then about how music management works, it seems really complicated to me. There is management and a live booker and a record label and a publisher and so many collaborators along the way and in the middle of all of that he still has to be unique and try and stay true to what he want to do. OK that's a lot for me, I'm used to a man and a mic in Stand Up. We also get into the eco-movement at festivals and the work he is doing with World Clean Up Day and the stuff he does himself to help the help.

NOËP latest single is "fk this up feat. CHINCHILLA" and it's pretty dope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwTTRy4O-iU

NOËP on Instagram @noepmusic

Louis on Instagram @louiszezeran

My guest today is Timo Diener who is one of the founders of Estonian Theatrical Distribution but you might know them as "HeaFilm", they are one of the most prominent film distribution companies in Estonia and the Baltics. As well as movies big and small they are the ones who bring in 20th Century Fox and Disney movies into the country.

We talk about movies, Stand Up and how does movie distribution work anyway? What the hell do they do? How does he pick out the films which he thinks Estonians will want to see and how does the business work? What movies have been weirdly successful in Estonia? Turns out Comedy Estonia and Timo's movies compete for the same rooms in Kultuurikeskused around the country. One thing is for sure, Timo knows more about movies than I do.

Follow Timo on Insta https://www.instagram.com/timodiener/

and check out the HeaFilm website for all the upcoming movies http://www.heafilm.ee

September 17, 2019

#32 - Olga Loitšenko

Seller of coffee and Comedy Estonia comedian, Olga Loitšenko. Olga is off to Australia on that golden working holiday visa next week so we got a chance to talk before the crocodiles or the bogans in my home country get to her. Olga brought the cake and coffee and we talked about whats the deal with Australia anyway, growing up in Rakvere, how she got into comedy and I ask her for the thousandth time how we can get more women into Stand Up.

Follow Olga at https://www.instagram.com/olgaloitsenko

Thanks for listening, I got some good 'uns coming up in the next few weeks, I am psyched.

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