June 9, 2019

#22 - “Pappa” Karl-Alari Varma

I'm back baby! 21 days off weed and I'm feeling good and ready to record again. My good friend and colleague, Karl-Alari Varma joins me. Karl is filming his comedy special on June 20th at Heldeke and so we talk about his first two comedy specials and how this first filming is the combination of those he has always wanted to do.

We go deep into the murky waters with Karl, we get right into how he used to play a lot of World of Warcraft, so much that he was leader of the third best guild/clan/nerdy thing in the world. Yeah in the world, with like 400 players working under him. That's an amazing achievement as a teenager and we talk about what it was like to have to manage literally hundreds of people working together under him.

In the second half we go further into a personality trait we both share: problems to self promote and pushing your own image out there. As part of the Comedy Estonia crew its kind of natural sometimes to go along with the pack but as artists and specifically Stand Ups we also need to uumm huh.. stand up for ourselves too.

Tickets for Karl's filming on June 20th at Heldeke in Tallinn at 8€/10€ and you can get them from Piletilevi https://www.piletilevi.ee/est/piletid/teater/komoodia/comedy-estonia-karl-alari-varma-kvaliteetaeg-lindistus-285939/

Thanks for following the podcast and not giving up on me, I have some good stuff coming in the next few months, I think I am slowly getting this thing to where I want it to be

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