July 4, 2019

#27 - Solo LIVE from New York City

Another solo episode telling y'all about my adventures in the United States of Freedom! I start off from where Dieter and I left off in the last episode and I go through, in much detail, our visit to the Atlanta strip club and the economics behind it.

After Atlanta I flew to New York City where I have been staying here for 3 days now. I talk about how it was kinda lonely for the first few days and it really fucked with my ego to hit the big city, the biggest city of them all. You think you are good? Think you have done something? Welcome to New York baby where everyone is amazing and everyone is hustlin' 24/7. If you ain't humbled by this city, you loco ese.

I worked through it and I talk about why I think Trump Tower is hilarious, what its like living in Brooklyn, of course crazy ass subway stories and I cap it off with hanging out with my friend Sandra and we got pedicures together, because NEW YORK!

Thanks for listening and thanks for the cool feedback on my previous USA episodes, I appreciate y'all.

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