August 26, 2018

#4 - Ikevald Rannap

Ikevald Rannap - musician, singer, songwriter and all round nice guy.  His career has been quite independent and he is really focused on being the best artist he can be and not pushing his work out there too quickly. The man isn't in a hurry and it's refreshing to hear. I talk to him about what it's like to navigate your own career when your surname alone is enough to get attention, about busking on the street to pay for your dinner and why the industry and the mental space makes Sweden is a good place for him right now.

I liked my talk with Ike, he is a super chilled out guy which is very opposite to me. Also in this podcast he also plays two songs live on his acoustic guitar.

Ike is currently working on his debut album. Follow him on the socials to know more about his music and path

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