February 5, 2020

#41 - Japan Special - Jim “KidShoryuken”, Japan based YouTuber

Special episode from Tokyo Japan! I talk to Japan based YouTuber Jim "KidShoryuken". Jim is an American who has lived in Japan basically for about 10 years and makes great videos about Japanese games and game hunting at second hand "Hard Off" stores. We talk about his story and how he made a life in Japan as well as his YouTube career and how that has grown over the past 10 years. We sink about 4 or 5 beers over the episode too and we recorded this on the first day I arrived so I had been up for over 36 hours.

This episode was recorded in a cool retro games themed bar which is run by a mate of Jim's called "A-Button". Sorry the sound isn't perfect and there is retro game music playing in the background at the bar all the time, but I think it creates a nice mood.

I really enjoyed my chat with Jim, he is a lovely dude and very open about his life and career in Japan.

In the introduction I reference "foreigners in Japan mostly get work translating". Sorry I was trippin' here, I meant to say foreigners in Japan mostly get work teaching English. In Estonia the level of English is so good that I have almost never heard of a foreigner being an English teacher outside of a high school. The Japanese level of English is much lower so there is quite a demand for private English lessons and it's very common work for expats to pick up.

Check out Jim's video's on YouTube



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