May 5, 2020

#62 - Joe Eagan

Today I do my first zoom podcast with my old friend, Joe Eagan. Joe is a Canadian who has been living in Sweden for 20 years.

We met 12 years ago in Sweden when I was still living there. Joe is a comedian too and was opening an English language club in Malmö at the same time I was opening one in Stockholm. We got on and have had a bunch of comedy adventures over the years.

Joe was also the very first headliner for Comedy Estonia. Back at the first shows in Student Days 2010, we did two in Tartu and one in Tallinn. Joe was our closer and main man of the night. Those nights have made Joe love Estonia forever.

He is a bright and happy guy who looks on the positive side. We talk about how we met and those clubs we ran in Sweden. Both of us are foreigners who have moved to a new country and started some comedy shows. We have have had a lot of good times, it was real nice to catch up with him.

No video sorry, I screwed up the screen recording :D

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