June 9, 2020

#73 - Matilde Matvere

I finally have a proper real life guest recorded without a live stream! My guest is Matilde Matvere who is an independent film maker in Estonia. Matilde has been the director of the Comedy Estonia Stand Up specials for the last few years. If you are buying a file from our webshop, Matilde probably filmed and edited it.

We talk for an hour about how Matilde films Stand Up and the lessons she has learnt over the years. After that we get into the state of the Estonian film industry and she helps explain how big International productions like Tenet help the local film industry. Oh and she worked on Tenet, so stories about this too.

Find Matilde on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mutique/

There are less podcasts out lately because we are off doing Stand Up shows! Check out Comedy Estonia Facebook for the dates. No stream with Sille-Kadri this Friday, I got me a private event to host on Zoom. See kids, learning to live stream does make money. Next Friday we back but maybe moving to a later time now everyone is back at work.

Watch the full video of this episode on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/1EYPb2qc1DA

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